As a business owner, you know that the appearance and safety of your property can have a direct effect on your bottom line.  Presenting an attractive, positive image is important, and a well-planned, well-maintained landscape enhances a visitor’s impression of your workplace.  Elite Landscaping would like to be your business partner, working within your budget; your marketing partner, understanding the importance of a first impression to customers and tenants; and your operations partner, knowing the importance of proactive service.  Contact Elite Landscaping to discuss any of our services below or request a free commercial landscaping consultation.


The entrance and grounds of your business is the first thing prospective customers will see.  We emphasize attention to detail and strict quality control.  Our services include:

  • Turf Care
    • Complete mowing services
    • Irrigation
    • Fertilization programs
    • Weed, disease and insect control
    • Soil treatments
    • Core aeration and over-seeing
    • Lawn renovation
  • Tree and Shrub Care
    • Fertilization programs
    • Disease and insect control
    • Trimming and pruning services
    • Tree/shrub removal
    • Leaf removal


Elite Landscaping works closely with our clients on every aspect of their landscaping project to create and achieve the most aesthetically pleasing landscape for your commercial property.  Our services include:

  • Professional design services
  • Plant installation
    • Trees and shrubs
    • Annuals
    • Perennials
  • Mulching services
    • Mulch installation
    • Hand/machine edging
    • Weeding and weed control


Let us enhance your property with walkways, retaining walls, patios, and water features.  Our services include:

  • Patios and Walkways
    • Concrete paver
    • Brick and mortar
    • Flagstone
  • Retaining walls
    • Segmental wall systems
    • Natural stone
    • Timber
  • Water features
  • Outdoor Lighting

Snow Removal

You won’t need to worry about cleaning sidewalks, walkways and parking lots.  Elite Landscaping offers reliable snow and ice removal for our commercial customers.  Our services include:

  • Plowing
  • Hand shoveling